Strip Tease (after all Valentine’s Day is coming)

Recently, I received this link ( about “The Bra Project” dance performance from a friend that made me think about how much I love that there are others out there who are truly as nuts about lingerie as I am—and how a good ole strip tease is sooo back in style. I swear, Kelly Anderson from “The Bra Project” must be a twin sister of mine from a different mother. Anyway, what “The Bra Project” reminded me of was not only that I really do love lingerie—and a good strip tease—but why. As Kelly puts it, “It’s more about what you conceal than what you show.” Its more about what makes you feel good, pretty, and sexy inside and how you choose to show it. Which brings me to Kelly’s brilliant “reverse strip tease,” and what would be my perfect costume for such a treat on this coming Valentine’s Day…


I’ve always been a big fan of hats and boots. Then I began wondering about what should lie beneath the trench coat and, of course, Carol Malony Ooh La La came to mind. Who can resist this little (and I mean little!) number. 1/4 cup bra, reminiscent of the Beer Garden maids and the garter panty with removable garters! Too fun and two undies in one. Eat your heart out, boys!


So, in honor of getting that oh-so-hot feeling and maybe inspiring some private shows for that oh-so-hot guy on Valentine’s Day, you will receive 20% off any Ooh La La purchased at between now and February 10, 2009. Just enter promo code Oohlala before going to checkout!

Now, put it on to take it off, girl.

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My latest Obsession and why I do what I do!

Parah Noir

I am in love with Parah Noir. Why? This line is seductive, refined and sensual, yet sold at a price lower than Parah Couture! Every time I view this line, my heart starts racing. It is the type of order that puts me into full on watch-the-calendar mode, awaiting the UPS driver’s visit in the Spring. It is drop-him-to-his-knees gorgeous, and frankly makes me feel the same way.

Every day I am asked how I got into this business. I love what I do. Lately, though, with the economy being less than wonderful, I have had to answer this more often. So I began to revisit the “why” for myself. I am passionate about lingerie for so many reasons and when I view a line like Parah or Carol Malony, I am reminded of some of the many whys. Recently, I opened an order that I placed six months ago. One piece was specifically for me. Two friends were in the store when it arrived and I think they may have thought I was insane while I was jumping like a child with joy at the arrival of the the tiny package. Then I opened it and one friend in particular immediately understood. It was drop-dead gorgeous and brought so much excitement. Now, I realize that in the the big picture this may seem frivolous. I can assure you, raising two children in a modern world, I think about life’s lessons constantly. The truth is, I ordered the bra as I was undergoing surgery to remove tumors from my breast. I was celebrating being a woman for myself in a way that made me feel fantastic even though I have scars now. What I realized is that balance is key to everything. So while we donate our time and resources to things we believe in, give generously of ourselves to those we love, there is room for some frivolity as well. The bra came and I celebrated the fact that I still love being playful, sexy and strong and can do so even with the scars!

The Bra- A History and Why We LOVE Them

Carol Malony peek-a-boo

Carol Malony  All Tied Up
Carol Malony All Tied Up

The bra is almost 100 years old (we’ll be having a bash on its birthday—stay tuned). It was first invented to free women from the discomfort of whalebone corsets. (A practical little item where bones, yes bones, are cinched tightly around your own bones…the ribcage, to suck it in and push them up. Why would we want to move away from that?). In 1914, Mary Phelps Jacob invented and patented the first brassiere. Jacob sold her rights to the patent to Warner’s Corset Company for $1,500 after unsuccessful marketing attempts. Sad but true, the patent value was later determined to be $15 million. (Whaaaat??? That’s fair!)

The bra has had a bumpy history (hehehe)—from flattening breasts in the 1920’s; to lifting and separating in the 1930’s; to the sweater era of the 1950’s with missile shaped bras beneath (thankfully we’ve moved on); to burning of the bra in the 1960’s because the bra was seen as oppressive. Oppressive? I think not! What I’ve got on right now would bring a man to his knees!

Finally, the 1970’s gave way to the new attitude of women realizing that sexy could be empowering when women took control of their own sexuality. When the 1980’s rolled around, bras became clothes in their own right. Thanks to our gal Madonna (we love you Madge!) and Jean Paul Gaultier, underwear as outerwear was all the rage!

Enter the modern bra, and the reasons we LOVE them-

They provide us with an outlet of self expression. They allow us to convey a mood or emotion, and we can choose if people get to know about that mood or not. We select them as we do art and we revel in the excitement of finding “the one” for “the one”, even if that changes.

Celebrating the power of the bra at The T-Bar, we are offering 20% off all Carol Malony Lingerie for the remainder of November. Um, saweeet!

Tell all your girlfriends, share in the reverie with us, and COME PLAY!