Wearing it for Him is His/Story



Having a shitty day is the pits, but it is a universal misfortune. The severity of the “shitiness” can range from being late and spilling coffee on yourself to getting a not so nice letter from the IRS. Regardless, we have go-to vices to help aid us in our times of need. For me, it can range from a perfect Manhattan in a quiet bar, or a 7 mile run somewhere where I can scream and no one will hear me (that’s reserved for the biblical days). One of the most common though and the vice that unites a majority of women is the forever faithful, retail therapy. Recently however I’ve noticed a shift in some of my friends. Instead of reaching for a new pair of booties or little dress they’ve been sliding on something a little silkier. The therapy portion of buying yourself some lingerie is more rewarding than some of the other material items that we choose as therapeutic fixes. Putting on a lil somethin’ for myself, gives my confidence that minor kick in the ass that reminds me, I am fantastic and beautiful! No matter what chaos is currently ensuing.

Plus, its my little reminder, a sexy secret. One that I am keeping with myself. A little string tied around my finger, better yet my waist or hips 😉

Lingerie acts as the blueprint and foundation of my favorite outfits. It takes something that already makes me feel good, and gives it wings.

It’s the suggestion that makes lingerie what it is. It’s that little tease of being completely naked but covered subtly by different textures and patterns that ignites the human psyche.


From a social and historic stand point lingerie is traditionally purchased for special occasions. It’s not really thought about until we have an excuse to have a date night. But why not make the massive meeting you have next week a date? A date with yourself. Pairing a great bra with matching panties has the ability to make you feel more put together. The more put together you feel? The better product you produce, bottom line. There’s no wrong that lingerie can do! Just like men have lucky boxers? I have lucky bra’s, bustier’s, and bodysuits! (A girl’s got to have options ya know?)

Of course sexy situations are always made better by wearing lingerie. I’m not preaching never wear them for your partners. The attitude however has an awesome shift when you put something on for yourself. I find that my mans reaction becomes irrelevant. I can look in the mirror and think, damn I look good! Truth is he’ll appreciate it not matter what, if he doesn’t? He don’t deserve ya!

So, boys? We’ll let you continue to believe it’s for you. But there’s no denying we love to lace up for ourselves.

Ladies, treat yo self!

-Tiny T