“It is not sufficient to see and to know the beauty of a work. We must feel and be affected by it.” — Voltaire.


Nothing is as sexy, romantic and indicative of ooh la la (ok, and just HOT), as is Paris. So it stands to reason, the most amazing lingerie show in the world, would be held there. That’s right. Lingerie show. Fashion shows, like fashion week in New York, and all of the world’s lingerie industry, converging in one place, to see the newest, the finest, the most avant-garde and the legendary. The Salon International de la Lingerie, the largest and most significant lingerie trade show in the world.

Lingerie inspires. Lingerie influences how we feel. Lingerie is art.

Paris. This is where I go for inspiration for myself,  and to find the things that you don’t see everywhere in the United States, for you. And so, tomorrow, off to Paris I go. For me. For you!

Check back for updates and don’t forget you can click on the images for close ups and to see .gifs (to come), in action…

Belle et Bonbon

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